How To Find Things On The Web
(Not the Internet)

*First Things First
>Browser: Software that connects you to the Internet
>URL'S: Addresses of web sites
>Keyboard Shortcuts: Make life easier.
>Ways to Scroll Up/Down Page: Scroll Bar--Mouse Wheel--Page Up/Down Keys--Home/End Keys--Arrow Keys--Space Bar.

*How do the Internet and the Web differ?

*Finding information:
  Surf-Following Links-Using Directories-Search Engines

*How do Search Engines differ from Directories?

*Finding lists of Search Engines:
  King County Library Website
  George’s Website

*Ways to search the Web:
   Browser Search Button
   Address Line (put spaces between words)

  Find the value of your home
  Find unclaimed money
  Check out how much is known about you
  What’s the address of this library?
  Find the city of Federal Way website.
  Find lists of cruise ships.
  Find your legislator.
  Look up a medication you are taking.
  Reserve a book or movie at the library.
  Find movie times.