"...and be ready always to give an answer"
1 Peter 3:15

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Hope, we all need it, especially in the times in which we live.  To the Christian this should be no problem, God's Word, the Bible, gives real and honest hope to anyone truly seeking it.  Below I have listed reasons why I can be sure my hope is set.

1.  Like my pastor recently said, "You don't need to know everything about the bible to share your hope."

2.  First, as we quote scripture verse after scripture verse our listener may say, "Well George, you can quote anything, but I don't think
     the bible is any more than just a bunch of stories."
3.  So, we must try to validate our source.  There are many materials available to help us understand that we can trust the Bible, here are some:

        a.  The number of manuscript copies still in existence compared with other ancient books:
                -There are over 24,000 copies, full or partial, of the New Testament.  Copies of Plato, 7, Aristotle, 37, I could go on and on.
                -Earliest copy still in existence, The Bible 130 A. D., next closest, Pliny the Younger 850 A.D.
        b.  The bible was written by over 40 different authors, over a period of 1,500 years, with the same theme.
        e.   Bible prophecy fulfilled is a great wonder, it is a miracle only God is able to accomplish.

\4.  My life has real meaning, I can rest at night knowing who controls my life and future.  You can have this peace also.

5.  I have the witness of God's Holy Spirit in my life.  When I mingle with other folk of like faith, we have a common hope in the God of Heaven.

6.  Prayers answered is another sign that God exists, and is in my life.  My wife and I have had prayers answered in 10 seconds, it even scared me!

7.  I have experienced peoples lives changed, not relying anymore on their own efforts.

8.  Having to keep "doing things" to maintain my standing with God is not an issue with me.  No deeds such as giving money,  my time, or any other activity is needed.

9.  I believe God has reached down to me, not the opposite, for he cares about George.  I could never be "Good Enough" to approach a Holy God by my own efforts.

10.  I have the confirmation from scripture that I can "KNOW" 100%, NOT THINK" that I'm going to Heaven, I John 5:13.