Internet Level 1


Letter        Internet Term 

____            E-mail                              A.  System connecting computers all over the world for the purpose of sharing
                                                                  information, mostly from the WWW.

____            Internet                             B.  System for sending letters through computers.

____            World Wide Web             C.  Group of pages that go together.

____             Network                          D.  First page in a web site.

____             ISP                                   E.  System for publishing Internet documents on a computer screen.

____             Link                                  F.  Web document.

____             Homepage                        G.  System that allows computers to communicate with each other.

____             Search Engine                   H.  Program used to request/display WWW pages.

____             Web Page                         I.  Connection from one web document to another.

____              Favorite/Bookmark          J.  Web page address stored in the browser.

____              Cookie                            K.  Address of a web site.

____              URL                                L.  Computer that helps find web sites/pages.

____              Web Site                         M.  Company you pay to connect to the Internet.

____               Browser                          N.  Information from web sites stored on
                                                                    your computer to help make use of the